Peroni Pompe S.p.A. established in Milan in 1895, has been manufacturing reciprocating pumps since the beginning of its activity.

During the fifties, Peroni Pompe started to offer customized solutions to satisfy customer process requirements. 

Their technical knowledge and the experience over the last 100 years have made them a top pump manufacturer of heavy duty API 674 reciprocating pumps.

This approach has led Peroni to be considered as a preferential supplier to international oil companies for process reciprocating pumps used in demanding applications and a privileged partner of licensors for innovative pumping situations.

To satisfy the requests of the oil and gas and hydrocarbon processing installations, Peroni manufactures a complete range of triplex, quintuplex and septuplex reciprocating power pumps, designed according to API 674 standards, with powers up to 2500 kW and pressures up to 1500 bar.Moreover, Peroni produces steam driven pumps, diaphragm process pumps and plunger and diaphragm metering pumps according to API 675.

Peroni is also well known for its design and manufacture of pumping systems for oil & gas and process markets, and is specifically known for its offshore installations where it is considered as a top player thanks to its large experience in platform and FPSO projects with the leading engineering and contractor companies.

Interaction, transparency and communication with the clients, coupled with agility and technical capability, offer customers an exceptional overall experience. These factors set  the company in a leading position and this is one of the primary reasons why Peroni Pompe has been able to create a strong brand value among its customers.

HEILA crane company, founded in 1978, specialized in designing and manufacturing industry heavy crane, Research & development and manufacturing base located in the northern Italian town of reggio Amy leah, products covered by the offshore platforms, ships, construction, etc. For sea areas, The safety and reliability of ship and offshore design follow the strict standard, can adapt to the harsh natural environment. At the same time the company has many offices all over the world and maintenance center, can provide fast and efficient after-sales service.

Hitachi is leading the world for heavy industry equipment, electronic products and consumer-goods manufacturing, it keep the high standard of quality requirements to provide quality products for each user.
Hitachi has been designed and made centrifugal compressor
 since 1910, and has delivered more than 1000 sets, won the praise of customers around the world.
Hitachi through positive research and development, constantly to update technology and application performance, rotor dynamics, and the shaft seal system and other aspects of technology
Hitachi advanced centrifugal compressor with high performance and high reliability of good reputation, at present, the compressor are running as key parts of the world's factories.
Hitachi has been working hard to develop and improve the design ability, and has a long term supply record, can meet the demand of almost any clients all over the world.